The City of Spencer has developed this site to relay information to the mayor, city council, city employees and its citizens the projects contained in the five year Capital Improvement Plan. The current five year plan starts July 1, 2017 and runs through June 30, 2021.  You will find detailed information as to each department's projects on their respective departmental page.  To access each department's page, use the navigation bar on the left hand side. 

The CIP - What It Is and Is Not

A capital improvement plan (CIP) is a “tool” for the scheduling, planning, and financing of large construction projects and major pieces of equipment.  It is a “blueprint” for the future infrastructure improvements in the City.  It is a written document that links together the City’s comprehensive plan with the City’s annual budget.  It provides the mayor, city council, city staff and the citizens with a listing of capital projects that the City will need to complete over the next five years.

On the other hand, a capital improvements plan is not “cast in stone.”  It is a planning document that can be revised at any time.  It is not a legal commitment by the City Council to complete any particular project within a specified period of time.  The adoption of the CIP does not obligate future City Councils to any course of action.  It merely provides an indication of the projects that might be completed, when they might be accomplished, and how they could be funded.  The decision as to whether a project will be built will be decided by the city council during the preparation of the annual city budget and the actual award of a contract to complete the project.

Annual CIP Reviews

After the CIP has been adopted, it will need to be updated on an annual basis by the city staff.  Completed projects will be deleted from the CIP.  New projects will be added to the CIP.  Some projects will be revised and updated, as new information becomes available.  The ideal time to update the CIP is in July or August of each year or prior to the preparation of the next city budget.