Questions2Learn iPad App 

Many individuals with language disorders have difficulty answering questions, especially those who have limited verbal abilities. Questions2Learn is an extensive customizable teaching tool that targets an individual’s understanding and ability to answer WH questions.

You can quickly get started answering questions by selecting “Go!” and the 262 pre-programmed questions from six categories will begin immediately. If your students need visual prompts, different types and schedules of reinforcement, you can adjust the settings to work on their individual needs. 

Customize your own categories of questions by typing questions that are specific for your student. This feature allows you to upload images from your photo library, take pictures using the camera, and record your voice.

Another key feature is modifying the images for the picture choices of each pre-programmed question. Upload a picture from your photo library, take a picture, or choose a different picture from the pre-programmed picture library.  An example of this feature is if the picture choice is a desk and you would rather have a picture of your student’s actual desk, take a picture of the desk and upload it as one of the answer choices.

Key Features

  • Customize existing question answer choices
  • Create your own categories of questions
  • Four levels to answer questions
  • Specific settings
  • Data collection with print or email options
  • Additional features >>
Sample Screen Shots