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Still No Response from Mayer Brown Law Firm on LGBT Conflict of Interests

posted Jun 17, 2013, 9:27 AM by Larry Poltavtsev

On June 6, 2013 Spectrum Human Rights wrote an open letter to Mayer Brown law firm in Washington, DC requesting clarifications on their LGBT initiatives and a possible conflict of interests since their branch in Belgium employs Nikolay Mizulin, a son of a Russian homophobic lawmaker, Elena Mizulina. The full text of the open letter is enclosed below.

Ms. Mizulina is responsible for inciting violence and hatred toward gay community in Russia that already resulted in several brutal murders, including a killing of a 23-year-old man in Volgograd, who was sodomized with three empty beer bottles and set on fire.  She is the main proponent of the recently adopted anti-LGBT legislation in Russia.  According to several bloggers and media channels in Russia, Mr. Nikolay Mizulin made homophobic statements on his Facebook account that were quickly deleted after his employment with Mayer Brown was publicized.  The screen shot of his message in Russian reads: "In Holland they banned 'Guest from the Future' movie since the Rat and Funny Guy characters discredit faggots..."

LGBT community in Washington, DC and worldwide would like to hear comments from Mayer Brown and understand their LGBT initiatives better.

We will continue to place inquiries with that firm.


Open Letter to Mayer Brown Legal Firm

Dear Mr. Harris,

Spectrum Human Rights organization was pleased to learn about your firm's latest LGBT Initiatives listed at

Our organization is located in Washington, DC and defends LGBT human rights in Russia and former Soviet Union countries. We do have several established relationships with local legal firms in the area that help LGBT asylum seekers in the USA.  Thus your initiatives came to our attention as well.

While in general Spectrum Human Rights is interested in your services, we would like to obtain your comments on certain issues before we move forward.

It has come to our attention that your firm employs Mr. Nikolay Mizulin (  It is our understanding that he is the son of Ms. Elena Mizulina (in Russian:, Russian Parliament (Duma) lawmaker who spearheaded the most ruthless homophobic campaign in Russia that has already resulted in several hate crimes and killings of innocent people.  There is a movement in the US and worldwide to put Ms. Mizulina on Magnitsky's List for numerous human rights violations while instigating hatred and violence (

In the light of these facts, Spectrum Human Rights and our clients would like to know what is Mr. Nikolay Mizulin's position on LGBT issues and cases, what kind and level of access he has to your corporate LGBT practice, what is your firm's position on this situation?

Spectrum Human Rights looks forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

We look forward to working with your organization.


Larry Poltavtsev
Spectrum Human Rights