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Recent Neo Nazi Victim Dies. Anti-Nazi Activists in Danger!

posted Aug 2, 2013, 12:36 AM by Larry Poltavtsev   [ updated Aug 7, 2013, 8:47 PM ]
Kamensk-Uralsky (Sverdlovsk Region, Russia).

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According to the human right activist, Dr. Valentin Degterev, MD, who closely monitors infamous Neo Nazi group "Occupy Pedofilyaj", the Uzbek victim shown on this photo tragically died as a result of numerous tortures.  

**UPDATE** August 7, 2013
Spectrum Human Rights was not able to obtain any official confirmation of the Uzbek victim's death. Our sources reported that the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Washington, DC is aware about this case and the law enforcement in Uzbekistan is trying to establish the victim's destiny. So far neither Uzbekistan officials, nor Russian officials confirmed his death. However, Dr. Valentin Degterev received yet another threat from one of the perpetrators over the phone. In that recorded phone conversation the Neo Nazi group member claimed that the victim was murdered by them. The recording of the entire phone conversation was submitted to several human rights organizations and media outlets. **

No arrests have been made and no charges were pressed. Putin's law enforcement seems to fully condone these actions.  Moreover, Dr. Degterev's numerous written complains to the authorities only resulted in his own persecution and threats directed at him and his 72 years old mother.  In the official correspondence from the local District Attorney office and Governor's office it was explained that Russian authorities do not see any wrongdoings in the video clips or photographs posted by Neo Nazi group "Occupy Pedofilyaj." Actually, the authorities referred to this group as one of the  "civil movements fighting the sins of the society." Dr. Degterev diligently collects every piece of evidence and correspondence and records all phone conversation with direct threats to him and his mother. Yet, no actions from authorities have resulted so far. Dr. Degterev is routinely approached and offended on the street, receives numerous threats via mail, phone, SMS and email. He is not alone in his fight though.

Another brave activist dared to stand-up to this gang. His name is Artem Gorodilov. This LGBT rights activist was kidnapped in the middle of the night and brought to the local cemetery in Kamensk-Uralsky city (Sverdlovsk district). He was tortured and bullied there for being gay, spreading "gay propaganda" on the Internet and complaining about this hate group to the authorities. Eventually this Nazi group dismantled a huge wooden cross from one of the graves nearby and made Mr. Gorodilov to run with it for his life while being chased by their car. This incident caught attention of the local branch of the Russian Orthodox church who thought that the Nazi group displayed a disrespect to the Holy Cross and offended feelings of their believers thus the church representatives complained to the police. As a result, these Nazi group was brought by the police for questioning and immediately released.

Here is a full video of the horrific night at the cemetery. Mr. Gorodilov was brought to the grave of another victim of this Neo Nazi group that was driven to the suicide by them. One of the perpetrators was glad to point out this fact on the video:

YouTube Video

After being questioned by the police and released the same Neo Nazi group found Mr. Gorodilov, bullied him again and poured urine on him:

YouTube Video

We can only admire this young man bravery and attitude toward his tormentors.

Again, charges were pressed and nobody was arrested so far ...

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