Videos by Dan Silveira

Spearfishing, freediving, abalone, sharks, tuna, yellowtail, lobster, and more.

Once in a Lifetime

Dan Silveira takes you on a journy for world record vermillion rockfish in Ca

Freediving for 10"abalone

Dan Silveira takes you on a single breath hold for three 10 inch abalone on one dive. This is a sequence never filmed by any diver before.

So-Cal Spearfishing White Seabass

"So-Cal Spearfishing" showcasing incredible captures of California White Seabass and Halibut while free dive spearfishing. You will enjoy watching the illusive nature of these "white Ghosts" in the giant kelp forests of Southern California

YouTube Video

Spearfishing - Cali style

It is time for you to see just how epic central California diving really is.