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Dan Silveira is the founder of Liquid Immersions Co. This is a underwater film company that has taken the excitement and beauty of diving to an amazing level. 

The footage is taken by Dan using the best underwater housings from light and Motion and Liquid Image. His choice of camera format is HD or 3CCD and he has created stock footage in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio.

  • Dan's History
  • He has been diving for the past 14 years and can offer many insightful tips to help you become the diver of your dreams.
  • He has shot video for "The Great Outdoors" Link to see a short clip.
  • He has also been a spear fisherman since he was a child and can offer Big Game trips for all levels of experience.
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Under water Photos by Dan Silveira:      Photos By Dan Silveira
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