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Hello and welcome to Physical Education Class at West and Mountain View Elementary!!

The purpose of our Physical Education programs is to introduce students to the skills and activities that they will use as recreational and exercise tools for the future.  We want to make sure that students learn enough about our activities that they are able to use them outside of the classroom environment as well.  We will concentrate on skill work/development for various sports/cardiovascular activities and reinforce the skills with age appropriate lead-up games.

1st & 2nd Grade Physical Education Curriculum

1st Trimester2nd Trimester3rd Trimester 
Cardiovascular Fitness and Strength Holiday Program (Dance & Movement) Jump Rope Skills 
Overhand Throw Basketball Skills Tumbling/Gymnastics/Rope Climbing
Football Skills Parachute Activities  Baseball Skills
Soccer Skills Scooter Hockey/Pillo Polo  Cardiovascular Fitness &Strength
Frisbee Skills Cardiovascular Fitness &Strength  FitnessGram Testing
General Space Concepts  Elementary and Lead-up Games Kids Heart Challenge
Elementary and Lead-up Games   Field Day

Kindergarten Physical Education Curriculum

In Kindergarten Physical Education, we concentrate on learning general space concepts, basic loco-motor movements (running, skipping, hopping, etc.) and basic skill development (throwing, catching, dribbling, etc.) through elementary games and activities.

**All of our Physical Education Curriculum is aligned to the South Dakota State Physical Education Standards which can be found by clicking here

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Kids Heart Challenge

West and Creekside Elementary schools are both involved in the Kids Heart Challenge program sponsored by the American Heart Association.  Last year both schools raised a total of $32,255.55!!  This amount was the highest that has ever been raised in Spearfish.  Congratulations to the students for all of their hard work and effort!  For more information about the Kids Heart Challenge, click here.

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