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This page is a culmination of links and documents that comprise our senior capstone project.  The Natural Food Industry is the Capstone Class and this was the first time it was ever offered at PSU.  This is the first Capstone Class that specifically focuses on business.  Our instructor Pedro Ferbel, directed and exposed us to many different aspects of the Natural Food Industry.  Two of the books we read during this course that do a very good job of helping to explain all aspects of food in our lives are:  Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan and Food Politics by Marion Nestle. 


If you have not read them we would encourage you follow the links above to purchase them or borrow them from a friend. 


Our committee researched non-profit corporations to find out the viabilty of possibly creating a non-profit arm for our community partner, Peoples Food Cooperative


Our full report on non-profits may be viewed in PDF here.


For ease of use and viewing you may read it in HTML.


Peoples legal History from the Oregon Secretary of State.


PDF Forms: 

Articles of Incorporation for Oregon - Form 112,

SS-4 - Request for EIN

List of Items Typically Covered in ByLaws

1023 - IRS Application for 501(c)(3),

IRS Form 8718 

RF-C (Registration for Corporation)


Download direct from IRS: SS-4

Oregon State Forms:  112, RF-C (Registration for Corporation)


Our Powerpoint presentation is available here.


We've included our resource section below for quick reference:





Organization                 Contact Name        Contact Information


CGIN Listserve                                       Ph# (707) 445-4849


CGIN Listserve 2006 Archives 


Community Mercantile

Education Foundation & Community Mercantile Co-op                  

                                          Contact:  Nancy O'Connor

                                          Title: Director of Education & Outreach

                                          And Executive Director of the Non-profit


Cooperative Grocer     Articles: "Carrots in the Classroom"

                                          And "Is there an Education Foundation In

                                          Your Future"


Davis Food Coop            Julie Cross           Ph# (530) 758-2667

                                                                            620 G Street

                                                                            Davis, CA 95616


DOJ                           Charitable Activities Section

State of Oregon      How to Become a Charity,   Ph# (971) 673-1880

                                    RF-C (Registration for



Internal Revenue  Forms and Publications:     website:

 Service (IRS)          Instructions for Form

                                    SS-4 Form SS-4,

                                    Instructions for Form 1023,

                                    Form 1023


National Cooperative    Karen Zimbelman       Arcata, CA

Grocers Association                                                  



Northwest Cooperative   Andrew McLeod         Ph# (360) 943-4241

Development Center       Title: Cooperative      1063 S. Capitol Way,

                                       Development Specialist   Ste 211

                                                                                       Olympia, WA 98501


Oregon Secretary of State       Pages: Non-profit Services And

Corporate Division                     Forms, Fees, & Publications


Ozark Natural Foods       William Beaver



Technical Assistance      Mia Butzbaugh         or

For Community Services                                    Ph# (503) 239-4001

(TACS)                                                                      1001 SE Water Ave,

                                                                                     Ste 490

                                                                                     Portland, OR 97214


The Foundation Group    Charles Reasonover   Ph# 1-888-361-9445


Willy Street Co-op         Lynn Olson                       Ph# (608) 251-6776


"The Oregon Non-profit Corporation Handbook"

(Book) 2005 4th ed.  (Click link above to purchase this book)

By: Cynthia Cumfer and Kay Sohl