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Who is speakingbadger?  He is Justin Taylor, but who is Justin Taylor?  That my friends and perhaps not my friends, well, that is the question.  Who is he?  Complicated the answer may be, but he is much like you... he hurts, he bleeds, he cries, he believes, he loves, he laughs, he thinks, he has fun and he cares...  If nothing else, those who know him best, know how much he cares... he cares more for others at times than he does about himself...  there are many places that he has set up shop online, but now it is time to give "SpeakingBadger" a home and perhaps even share the significance of that name. 


This will become my place for others to discover more about me, to find out what I do with my time, what is important to me... this  is the new grand central station to the life of Justin Taylor. 


Over time this site will become dotted with aspects of my life, links to places I enjoy, links to pictures, journals, businesses I'm invovled with and it will be a source of all that makes me who I am...  You will have an all access pass to what makes me tick...  this is the place where I talk about myself... where I share my thoughts and have links to everything about me...  yes, my life, is an open book...    this is a new age, the digital age and as I advocate more about personal responsibility this will be my work in progress... perhaps making me more responsible or accountable to others.... eventually I hope to create a place where my friends will be comfortable, my family will enjoy and those who have chosed to be my enemies will wish they were my friends....  


As time progresses I will not only have links to more about me, but I'll have more pages where I will compile much of the other information about organizations, causes that I support and things I hope to help change...  For now, if you have time and want to know a lot more about me, you can always go to my livejournal link... that has a lot of insight, perhaps more than you are ready for...  plus my myspace page has some good things too...  like some music... an awesome piano solo by a very talented young women will play when you first visit...  but before you leave or go to far, why not hang out keep this page open and relax a little...  Below is a connection to a very relaxing radio station...   Just press play, sit back, clear your mind... perhaps write in your journal and/or just take some time for you... 


My recent addition to more about me is my citypixel page, where you can view my citypixel apartment in the Internet City Pixel York.  My address and links are available on my contact me page.