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ARTS & CRAFT PROJECTS pictures!!!!!

posted 16 Feb 2018, 09:43 by Hula Hoop
Here it is a sample of the projects and creations for this Second Term. We are still working a lot and we are going to upload pictures of our creations and results. 
For each project, there is a picture that shows the product, but if you want to see more pictures, just click on the link below the photo!!!
We are so happy and proud of our artists, have a look at their faces!

1. PINS PROJECT - we did pins with their favourite Emojis!
cicle superior's pictures

2. PAINTING PROJECT- we painted our clay figures and another pictures...

3. CHRISTMAS GLOBE!- we did a snowflake Christmas Globe, special to be a gift ;)

4. WOOD PLANE!- we did a wood plane with popsicle sticks, painted and pasted. So nice!

5. BUBBLE CARDS! we did wonderful cards using soap and paint, with the bubbles effect!

6. CD DECORATION! we painted and paste a natural pine to make an original decor object..

7. BRACELETS! we learnt the tying technique and they did very beautiful and coloured bracelets!