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Summary of some of the key activities of the Social Planning Council to 2012
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ActivityDescriptionActivity or Start Date
ActivityDescriptionActivity or Start Date
Centre for Social Enterprise and Innovation launch Resources and space for social enterprise and innovation July 16, 2012 
Social Enterprise Centre SEIK Report Release date for Social Enterprise Report SPC/SURP December 6, 2010 
Hillside Village / Byron Community Development Model Report Draft Report Released April 2, 2010 
Byron Community Development Model Presentation Focus Group presentation to the community October 27, 2009 
Kingston Homelessness Research Initiative Federal HPS Research proposal October 15, 2009 
Peer Support Initiative BBQ Poverty Awareness BBQ at City Park September 27, 2009 
Byron Community Project Model - Study Period to December 31, 2009 Detailed research and study preparation September 15, 2009 
Kingston Roundtable on the Quality of Life, Co-ordination Committee Roundtable activity and action September 2, 2009 
Byron Community Project Model - Research Plan Completed Detailed description of research plan completed for startup on September 15, 2009 August 6, 2009 
Kingston Roundtable on the Quality of Life, Co-ordination Committee Roundtable activity and action June 24, 2009 
Kingston Community Profile, 2009 Publication and release of the Profile in print and electronic forms June 23, 2009 
Kingston Quality of Life Roundtable - Neighourhoods and Transportation Community Forum June 8, 2009 
Byron Community Project Model - Start of Research Research plan for analysis and model development for the Byron Memorial Parking Lot, Queen Street, Kingston June 1, 2009 
City of Kingston, Integrated Community Sustainability Plan consultation Collaborate on the Social Pillar of the ICSP plan May 1, 2009 
Schools at the Centre Consultation Consultation with People for Education on the use of schools as community hubs for servces April 28, 2009 
Kingston Roundtable on Poverty - hosted by SPC  Community support for the activities of the Roundtable April 1, 2009 
Kingston Community Profile, 2009 - Community Consultations Community engagement, presentations on draft Profile report to May 2009 January 5, 2009 
Showing 17 items