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Cities Centre, University of Toronto The mandate of the Centre is broad: to encourage and facilitate research, both scholarly and applied, on cities and city regions and on a wide range of urban policy issues, both in Canada and abroad, and to provide a gateway for communication between the University of Toronto and the broader urban community. http://www.urbancentre.utoronto.ca/index.html 
Community Development Council of Quinte COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL OF QUINTE 49 Albion Street; Belleville, Ontario Phone: 613-968-2466 • Fax: 613-968-2251 1-877-879-2966  http://www.cdcquinte.com/  
Geographical and Numeric Information Systems (GANIS) GANIS is a working group formally charged by the Social Planning Network of Ontario to coordinate data and GIS activities for member organizations. http://ganis.spno.ca 
Social Planning History and Issues David Hulchanski, Course reference, 1999 http://www.urbancentre.utoronto.ca/pdfs/researchassociates/Social_Planning_SWK_4663_19.pdf 
Social Planning Network of Ontario The Social Planning Network of Ontario (SPNO) is a coalition of social planning councils (SPC), community development councils (CDC), resource centres, and planning committees located in various communities throughout Ontario. Each of the individual organizations has their own mandates but are connected in the cause of effecting change on social policies, conditions, and issues. http://www.spno.ca/ 
The Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (ISARC)  The Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition was born out of the hope that together a coalition of faith groups could contribute to new public policies based upon greater justice and dignity for Ontarians marginalized by poverty. The central message shared by religious communities throughout the world, inspires people of faith to respond to our neighbours in need.  http://www.isarc.ca 
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