What is SPLS

St. Paul’s Lutheran School strives to nurture children in the literary classics, the arts, modern technology and the Christian faith in the manner of the historic Trivium and in the context of classic Lutheranism so that the students may look to God in faith, serve one another in fervent love, and communicate the same to succeeding generations.

What is Classical Education?

There are many and various definitions of classical education, but our definition of classical Lutheran  education is simply this: "We teach children to look to God in faith and to care for their neighbour in love by means of the Six Chief Parts and the Seven Liberal Arts."

Sound Body - Sound Mind

The ancient Romans spoke of an ideal education in terms of "a healthy mind in a healthy body" (Mens sana in corpore sano). We encourage all our eligible students to participate in our organized sports programs of cross-country, volleyball, and basketball.