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Annual Seminar - 23rd. August 2014 - Family Centered Perspectives in Developmental Disabilities

posted 11 Aug 2014, 22:42 by shobha sundar   [ updated 11 Aug 2014, 22:50 ]

Professionals and Parents : Last Date for Registration: 14th August 2014Registration Fee: Rs. 200 per personFor registration please contact 080-4074 5911 / 4074 5931
OR e mail: ssk_hrdt@yahoo.co.in


Mrs. Rukmini Krishnaswamy, Director, Spastics Society of Karnataka

Dr. M S Mahadeviah, Honorary Medical Director, Spastics Society of Karnataka

Dr. P Satishchandra, Director / Vice-Chancellor, National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore

Dr. Amita Prasad IAS, Principal Secretary, Women & Child Development and Empowerment of Differently Abled and Senior Citizens Department, Government of Karnataka

Mrs. Shobha Sundar, Head, Department of Medico Social Work, Spastics Society of Karnataka

Dr. Suresh Rao Aroor, Director & Paediatric Neurologist, Parijma Neurodiagnostic and Rehabilitation Centre, Bangalore

Dr. Srikala Bharath, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, NIMHANS, Bangalore

Dr. Shashikala Gopalaswamy, Hon. Additional Medical Director, Spastics Society of Karnataka

Dr. Amar Bavle, Professor & Head, Department of Psychiatry, Rajarajeshwari Medical College, Bangalore

Dr. Shekhar Seshadri, Professor, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NIMHANS, Bangalore

Dr. Vijaya Raman, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

Dr. Shobha Ramesh, Consultant Psychiatrist, Spastics Society of Karnataka

Mr. J P Gadkari, Honorary Secretary, Karnataka Parents’ Association for Mentally Retarded Citizens (KPAMRC), Bangalore. 

9.30 am-10 am:        Registration

10 am-10.45 am:     Inaugural Function


                                    Welcome Address: Mrs. Rukmini Krishnaswamy

                                    Lighting of the Lamp

                                    Introduction to the Seminar: Dr. M S Mahadeviah

                                    Inaugural Address: Dr. P Satishchandra

                                    Address by the Chief Guest Dr. Amita Prasad IAS

                                    Vote of Thanks

10.45 am-11 am:         Tea                                 

11.00 am-11.10 am:    Multidisciplinary Support Services - Medico Social Worker -                                                                              Mrs. Shobha Sundar                                                                                                          

11.10 am-11.40 am:    Interconnectedness of Families: Beyond Therapy Techniques in

                                        Understanding -   Mrs. Rukmini Krishnaswamy

11.40 am-12 noon:     Seizure Disorders in Children and Adolescents with Developmental

                                        Disabilities - Family Perspective -  Dr. Suresh Rao Aroor

12 noon- 12.30 pm:    Communicating with Family Members across Life Span - 

                                        Dr. Srikala Bharath

12.30 pm-12.50 pm:    Understanding and Evaluating Family Coping Skills     

                                       Dr. Shashikala Gopalaswamy       

12.50 pm-1.10 pm:      Rights of Persons with Disabilities - Bill - Dr. Srikala Bharath

1.10 pm-1.30 pm:        Panel Discussion

                                    Chairperson: Dr. Amar Bavle

1.30 pm-2.00 pm:        Lunch

2.00 pm-2.30 pm:        Behavioral Disorders in Children and Adolescents with

                                    Developmental Disabilities and the Family -              

                                       Dr. Shekhar Seshadri

2.30 pm-3.00 pm:        Family Perspectives in Learning Difficulties - 

                                       Dr. Vijaya Raman    

3.00 pm-3.30 pm:        Behavioral Management for Children with Autism Spectrum  

                                        Disorder - Understanding the Family’s Perspective                        

                                       Dr. Shobha Ramesh

3.30 pm-4.00 pm:       The Family as the Future Support - Resources and Policies Available

                                        Mr. J P Gadkari

4.00 pm-4.30 pm:        Panel Discussion

                                       Chairperson: Dr. M S Mahadeviah

                                       Concluding Remarks

              4.30 pm:        Tea      


Time: 9.30 am - 4.30 pm



'INSPIRATION' - ART EXHIBITION & SALE - A collection of artwork by a group of talented children with developmental disability.

posted 14 Jul 2014, 01:27 by shobha sundar

Spastics Society of Karnataka & The Purple Turtles - Please join us. - Official opening by Director of Spastics Society of Karnataka, Rukmini Krishnaswamy and artist Bharati Sagar will be held on 18TH JULY 2014 AT 11 AM ,


Copyright © The Purple Turtles, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you have been valued customer of ours
atThe Purple turtle Store,128, 1st Main,Domlur,2nd Stage,Indiranagar,Blore-560008.

Cakes and Bakes - Large Variety Sale of Baked items..11th. July 2014..

posted 8 Jul 2014, 21:50 by shobha sundar

Inclusive Vocational Skills Centre - Spastics Society of Karnataka

11am to 3. 30 pm
Contact Mrs. Gomathy or Mrs. Sarita Mehra for details at

Winter Carnival - 14th December 2013 (Saturday 11:00 - 16:00) Come One Come All......

posted 6 Dec 2013, 09:07 by shobha sundar   [ updated 11 Dec 2013, 03:51 ]

Fun, Food, Games, Clothes, Trinkets, Music and Much More....








Contact Us for Stall Opportunities.................

ART EXHIBITION - SALE - I st. April 2013

posted 25 Mar 2013, 02:43 by shobha sundar

 On behalf of the Staff and Children of the Spastics Society of Karnataka, I would like to invite you for an  Art Exhibition-Sale, organised by the Art Unit, of paintings made by our students, on Monday, 1st April, 2013 at the school premises from

                                                      10.30 am to 5pm

 We appreciate your continued support and patronage to the activities of our institution and request you to grace this occasion.

Warm regards,

Rukmini Krishnaswamy

(Director)                                                                                      RSVP- Vidya Venkat



Sports Day - 15th. December 2012 - Chief Guest Mr. Ashwini Mehra

posted 13 Dec 2012, 23:26 by shobha sundar   [ updated 13 Dec 2012, 23:31 ]

Spastics Society of Karnataka

Invites You



Celebrating the spirit of sports where every special child is a WINNER


Saturday, 15th December 2012                                                                                                                                9am to 1pm


Spastics Society of Karnataka, 31, 5th Cross off 5th Main,

 Indiranagar 1st Stage, Bangalore 560038

Chief Guest

Mr. Ashwini Mehra,                                                                                                                                                    Chief General Manager, State Bank of India


We look forward to sharing this very special day with you


                                                      Saturday, 15th December 2012

                                                                        Time  : 9am to 1pm

                                                                       RSVP – 98869 44548

Mark Inglis - Mountaineer, Motivational Speaker and Bilateral Amputee Speaks at Spastics Society of Karnataka

posted 7 Oct 2012, 09:31 by shobha sundar   [ updated 7 Oct 2012, 09:33 ]

 Brought by MindTree Ltd
Date    : 8th. Oct 2012

Venue : Spastics Society of Karnataka

Time    : 10:00 AM
Mark Inglis will speak to the parents and students of Spastics Society of Karnataka and Visit the Garden Cafe

Watch the Attached Presentation for Details

Awareness and Fund Raising Event - Conducted by Sanjana Kaundinya

posted 19 Jun 2012, 22:34 by shobha sundar

SSK invites all well wishers  - individuals, corporates, parents and public for this event.

All donations to SSK are exempt u/s 80G of the IT Act, GOI.  RSVP : office@spasticssocietyofkarnataka.org or 080-40745905
The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about Spastics Society of Karnataka and a fundraiser for sponsorship of children in rural health care and rehabilitation programmes of SSK.
  • Conducted by the Sanjana Srikant,  based in California USA.   
About Sanjana: 

Sanjana,  studying in 10th grade is volunteering at SSK’s Assistive Technology Centre and also supporting the special educator in the classroom. She will conduct a simple observation study regarding how different children with different diagnosis interact when using assistive technology. 

Her passion for volunteering at SSK stems from her life with her special needs brother of six years.

Date : Saturday 23rd June, 2012 at 11am.
Venue: Conference Hall, SSK 

Program Details:

1.     Welcoming the Chief Guest:  Mr. Adhip Chaudhuri, President SSK,  by Sanjana Kaundinya

2.     Invocation by Mr. Srinath Subbarayan : Parent and Respected Singer

3.     Welcome Address followed by Slideshow on SSK and Request for Support:  Sanjana Kaundinya


4.    Speech by Chief Guest, Mr. Adhip Chaudhuri, President SSK 

5. Speech by  Mrs. Rukmini Krishnaswamy, Director, SSK

6. Music Recital by Sapta Swara, SSK

7. Concluding Remarks by Sanjana

Seminar On - ‘Developmental Disabilities - an Update’- 30th. June 2012 (Saturday)

posted 11 Jun 2012, 00:49 by shobha sundar   [ updated 11 Jun 2012, 01:16 ]


Spastics Society of Karnataka has been conducting Annual Educational Seminars for the past  25 years. Developmental Disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disability, Speech and Language Disorders, Learning Disability, and Autism and their effects on the family have been discussed in these seminars.

The seminar on June 30, will be  an update-  discussing the scenario of these disabilities  as of 2012.  Subjects covered are Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Inclusive Education, Multiple Disabilities with special importance to Visual Impairment, Visual Training and Rehabilitation.

The High light of the conference will be :

The Teleconference on Autism which will be with Dr.Paul from The University of Louis Ville Kentucky. U.S.A.  The teleconference will be held between 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm, followed by discussions.

The Annual Seminar which is popularly known as ‘DEC 75 Seminar’ (after Developmental Centre for Exceptional Children) has been of great benefit to all the professionals and parents associated with children with developmental disabilities.  The seminar is open to Pediatricians, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Education Specialists, Social workers, Psychiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, Parents and anyone interested in the welfare of children with disabilities.




Date : 30th. June 2012, Saturday

Time : 9 AM to 6 PM

Venue :

Spastics Society of Karnataka, No 31, V Cross, Off V Main, Indira Nagar, Bangalore : 560038

Registration: Rs 200/- only including lunch

E mail: by 20th June to ssk_hrdt@yahoo.co.in

Open For the Following type of Audiences:

  • Pediatricians,
  • Physiotherapists,
  • Occupational Therapists,
  • Psychologists,
  • Education Specialists,
  • Social workers,
  • Psychiatrists,
  • Orthopedic surgeons,
  • Parents and anyone interested in the welfare of children with disabilities.

Integrated overnight camp for Special and Normal Children (12 to 18 years).

posted 3 May 2012, 02:54 by shobha sundar   [ updated 4 May 2012, 22:00 ]

PERIOD: 7th to 12th May, 2012                                                        CHECK THE ATTACHMENT FOR A FULL TIME TABLE
DURATION: 6 days & 5 nights
• Useful occupation of time during the summer vacation
• To develop independent living abilities in children
• To develop qualities such as cooperation, sharing, patience, respect for abilities of different kinds,
leadership etc.
• To help identify and nurture the inherent talents in children
• To learn about nature, environment, science and other aspects in a fun and activity based setting
• To create an environment which stimulates the child not just intellectually, but also emotionally,
creatively and socially
Specific to Normal Children:
• To help develop an understanding of the disabling conditions and its effect on children.
• To help mitigate misconceptions about mental disabilities and sensitize children to respect the
varying abilities of other children
• To help build a relationship with a disabled person and thus be able to empathize with them.
Specific to Children with Disability:
• To expose them to normal children of their age and to give an opportunity to interact, involve in
similar activities and live together.
• To allow them to experience the different ways in which they will be looked at by people other than
their parents, family members and people from their immediate environment.

Ananya is a learning center in Bellandur that works with children who have dropped out of mainstream
schooling. It was started in March 1998, by a group of individuals concerned about the dearth of schools that
provide relevant and meaningful education for the underprivileged children in and around Bangalore city.
Even though the Indian constitution guarantees free and compulsory education to all children up to the age of
14, there are no schools that the poor can choose from. Either the schools are very good, but expensive,
therefore beyond the reach of the underprivileged, or they are free but have poor physical facilities and offer a
standard curriculum which is dull and boring. Most children, who drop out of school, do so because the
schools do not cater to their special needs. Education in such critical context has no meaning or relevance to
these children. It does not provide them with the required skills to overcome the social traumas or the
emotional and physical hardships they face everyday.

More here: http://www.ananyatrust.blogspot.com

Sita School is a small school located in the north of Bangalore, that uses alternative educational methods to
encourage children to learn at their own pace without pressure of exams or fear of failure and disapproval.
The school tries to create an environment which stimulates the child not just intellectually, but also
emotionally, creatively and socially. They try to cultivate a sense of wonder, an appreciation of the
beautiful and the healthy. At the same time, they actively cultivate cooperation, sharing and respect for the
other and towards nature and material things, to foster a just and balanced way of life.
More here: http://www.ashanet.org/projects/project-view.php?p=926

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