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About us

The history of SSK goes way back to 1982 when Mrs. Mitu Alur, mother of autisticchuld Malini, sowed the seed for existing SSK on the land which was provided to us by Government of Karnataka. Since then, this great tree of multiple services, interventions and programmes has grown. This beautiful banyan tree with its columns of aerial roots give support to thousands of children with neuromuscular impairment and developmental disabilities. Today we are serving 1300 children annually in our various subcenters and affiliated centers.

The nurturing of the seed to a beautiful banyan tree has happened due to the enduring services with involvement and affection by professionals, parents and volunteers and community and efforts of children themselves.
Till date we have serviced around 20,000 children and families.

Mrs. Rukmini  Krishnaswamy
Technical Director


Conscious, Conscientious and Constant endeavor in:
  • Maximising the potential of children with special needs
  • Inclusiveness in all aspects of daily life
  • Establishing their rights to be part of the community.

Spastics Society of Karnataka