“In Grundy Center, the school district is progressive and provides a positive and safe learning environment where every student engages in challenging academic opportunities that require critical thinking and problem solving skills.”

A support system for teachers and the school to better students and their achievements. The TLC Committee has established the following goals:

1. Employ, develop, and retain high quality teachers

2. Grow and foster the instructional practices of the existing staff through shared leadership, peer coaching, and collaboration

3. Increase each student’s ability to think at higher and more complex levels to solve problems

4. Increase the number of students who demonstrate academic proficiency

Grundy TLC Application

Student Achievement Coordinators

Student Achievement Coordinators at the K-4 and 5-12 levels lead in the collection, validation, analysis, and presentation of student assessment data. This gives us insight into what our students need to think critically and creatively to solve problems and perform at a higher level. These individuals work with departments and collaborate with administration in the planning and facilitation of professional development aligned with district data designed to facilitate instructional changes. They also provide teachers with the data needed for the continued implementation of  MTSS, core area instruction, and research based strategies to improve achievement.

Lead Teachers, Mentor Teachers, Building Improvement Team

Lead Teachers work to facilitate the delivery of the trainings to help satisfy these goals and partner with teachers to increase student achievement. In addition, Building Improvement Team research specialized talents model and provide ways to help achieve these goals. Our final level of support are the Mentor Teachers who provide specific feedback and support to new staff that are either new to the profession or new to the district.