Class Expectations

Grundy Center Physical Education

Class Expectations



·       Please check the Physical Education bulletin board for information regarding daily class activities.

·       If we are wearing heart rate monitors, Mr. Lindeman or Ms. Hasken will start your watches.

·       After class is over and students have changed clothes, all students will stay in the gym and wait for teacher dismissal.

                                    1st Offense: Warning

                                    2nd Offense: Half credit for the day



PE clothes must be different than clothes worn to school

·       Appropriate short or long sleeve t-shirt shirt (cut off t-shirts are not permitted)

·       Athletic shorts or pants

·       Athletic shoes and socks – PE shoes must be different from daily school shoes

·       If you wear a sweatshirt or sweatpants to PE, you must wearing it the entire class period.

(Loaner clothes may be available for students) 



·       Each student will be assigned his/her own locker.

·       You are responsible for locking your locker.  The school is not responsible for stolen items if a locker is left unlocked.

·       If you forget your combination or have a problem with your locker, please contact your instructor.

·       Cell phones must remain in lockers. If a cell phone is seen, it will be confiscated.  Student may pick up phone at the end of the school day from PE office. 



·       All absences must be made up unless it was due to a school-sponsored activity.

·       All students are permitted one excused absence.  After the first absence, each class period must be made up.

·       All assessments must be made up before the grading period is over.

Excuse Notes

·       A student is excused from Physical Education only if he/she presents a doctor’s note on the day he/she has class.

·       Medical excuses will be made up through outside assignments.

·       A parent note will not excuse a student from class activities.

·       If a student has an excused or unexcused absence, he/she must complete a make-up assignment.  The only exception is for a school-sponsored activity.

Make-up Procedures

·       All make up assignments must be completed before the end of each trimester.

·       Students are responsible for scheduling a make-up before or after school.

·       A missed class may be made up in the YMCA.  A make-up consists of 45 minutes of exercise time, according to cardiovascular guidelines.


·        Excused tardiness requires a note from a teacher or the office.

·        Unexcused tardiness is an automatic 3-point deduction of daily points.


Extra Credit

·       Students may earn extra credit by completing a make-up workout in the YMCA, following make-up requirements.

·       Instructor will provide designated extra credit opportunity days before or after school.


Grading Breakdown

·       30%  Heart Rate Data

·       60%  Daily Points

·       10%  Assessments

Daily Points

·       Each student begins every class period with 10 points.  Points are taken away based on student behavior.


3 Points                   Proper Dress

3 Points                  Personal Responsibility*                  

4 Points                  Social Responsibility**                  


10 Points


*Personal Responsibility:  Language, respect for self & equipment, following directions, playing by the rules.

**Social Responsibility: Respect for others, teamwork, positive leadership, positive communication.