Welcome to Middle School Math! My name is Dr. Clayton Edwards. I am an Iowa State Graduate and a holder of a Master's Degree focused solely on Middle Level Mathematics (UNI). I also hold a Middle Level Endorsement. My latest degree is also from UNI, in which I received my doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction and was awarded the 2014 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation. I was also recently awarded the Yager Exemplary Teaching Award for 2014. 

Throughout my undergraduate and graduate experiences, I have learned many methods aimed at helping your student be the best they can be in mathematics. In my classroom, I believe in using a mixture of traditional and reform methods to solidify understanding and engage their mathematical minds. I am a firm believer in differentiation so your student will not get bored with the curriculum. Pretesting occurs frequently. Students are often in different places within the curriculum, and multiple units can be seen happening in the classroom on most days.

Students are expected to be in charge of their own learning. I do not use a large amount of direct instruction in my classroom. Students will use an array of videos, websites, and interactive manipulatives to gain necessary mathematical understanding. My role is to facilitate learning, and help individual students who need assistance or have questions. This type of classroom experience allows students who grasp a concept quickly to not be held back, while struggling students are not rushed. Instruction is very much at the pace of the learner.

Mathematical tasks are also frequently enacted in my classroom. These tasks involve open-ended situations where multiple paths to a solution are available. Most tasks have multiple solutions as well. During these tasks, I focus on the following mathematical processes:

1. Problem Solving
2. Collaboration
3. Previous Mathematical Connections
4. Communicating Mathematically
5. Representation

Classroom environment is of the utmost importance in order for all students to succeed. Students are free to ask questions in my classroom without hesitations. Group work is frequent as well. Students are held at a high behavior and social level to keep a successful classroom environment.

I am normally at school at 6 am and will stay as late as needed after school if your student needs help or a place to work. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at cedwards@spartanpride.net and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

2014-2015 Iowa Assessments Results 

(Midyear Test)

6th Grade
88% of Student Proficient (up from 65% last year)

20/50 Students Were Classified "Advanced"

46/50 Students Showed Growth

41/50 Students Grew By One Grade Level or More

Classification Document (midyear math)

Growth Document (page five)

7th Grade
100% of Student Proficient
27/43 Students Were Classified "Advanced"

40/43 Students Showed Growth

37/43 Students Grew By One Grade Level or More

Classification Document (midyear math)

Growth Document (page five)

Spring 2015 MAP Testing Average Scores
Current GC 7th Grade - 250 
(229 National Average)
Same Class When in 6th Grade - 239
100% Improved from Previous High Score
Average GC Student Growth +11 Points
36/43 Made At Least One Year's Growth 
(6+ points)
Current GC 6th Grade - 233 
(226 National Average)
Same Class When in 5th Grade - 219
100% Improved from Previous High Score
Average GC Student Growth +12 Points
38/48 Made At Least One Year's Growth 
(8+ points)


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