Our Story


 Our Mission
The faculty and staff at Carlisle-Foster's Grove Elementary School will educate children while developing competent lifelong learners in a positive, nurturing, safe, and innovative environment that allows each student to reach his/her maximum potential in order to be a responsible and productive citizen in an increasingly global society. 

School Motto
Learning Today... Leading Tomorrow

Our School Achievements
Palmetto Gold Award
UFRC "All-In" Award
Excellence in Writing
TransformSC School

School Improvement Council
Nancy Bishop- Parent
Leslye Robinson- Parent
Elizabeth Moore- Teacher Assistant
Chris Carter- Parent
Regina Miller- Parent
Beth Pearson- Parent
Caitlin Plumley- Teacher
Lorri Sawyer- Teacher
Melissa Watson- Parent/Teacher
Cathy Garner- Principal
Norman Mayfield- Assistant Principal
Michelle Winebrenner- Teacher

Parent- Teacher Organization (PTA)
Nicole Parris, President
Adrienne Arrington, Vice President
Beth Pearson, Secretary
Amanda Robbins, Treasurer
Jodie Morrison, Volunteer Coordinator
Beth Pearson, Secretary
Laura Humphrey, Parent Liaison
Regina Miller, Parent Liaison
Catherine Hampton, Parent Liaison
Lorri Sawyer, Teacher Liaison
Donna Easler, Teacher Liaison
Kirsten Little, Teacher Liaison

2018-2019 Teacher of the Year
Mary Somers