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Pearson Access Next Overview for Test Administrators

2017 PARCC Test Administrator's Walkthrough

PARCC Information

Manuals, Training, Bulletins, Test Prep for PARCC 2018


PARCC Released Sample Items

Sample Test Items designed by PARCC


PARCC Practice Tests

Practice tests designed by PARCC so you can see the items in action.


      Mathematics Practice Test  - New drawing tool for 2017, grades 3-5 on some mathematics questions.  This tool can be found on the 3-5 Online Tutorial for Mathematics Questions 21-22


      ELA Practice Test

Tools for Online Test Preparation 


PARCC Test Prep Tutorials

PARCC created practice tests with tutorials that guide students in how to answer each type of question, such as drag and drop, multiple choice, etc.

Next Gen Assessments

This website provides a free online resources for students to practice the technological skills required to take online assessments, such as drag and drop, highlighting, etc.


Creating an Online Assessment in Google Forms

Teachers can create an assessment for students to take an assessment online using Google Forms.  Students can either log in with their Sparta Google account, or the assessment can be accessed through a link provided by the teacher.  



This is a self-grading add on for Google forms.  Watch this demo video, as well as a video on how to implement this into your Google forms.  Although we do not have the email function to send results to students under the Sparta Google Apps for Education, the instant self-grading information can still be helpful for the teacher.


g(Math) for Forms

This is a Google Forms add on where you can create graphs (including plotted points), statistical displays, and write complex math directly in your Form.  Create a new form, click on the "Add-ons" tab, and search for g(Math) for Forms.


Daum Equation Editor (Chrome)

This gives students practice in using an equation editor.


graph t.k.

Online graph sketching app that can graph functions and numerically solve differential equations