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The Sparta School District’s Gifted and Talented Education program (STEP) is intended to service the students within our school who are identified as being Gifted and Talented through multiple measures.  

The STEP program in grades 3-5 is also intended to provide learning opportunities to the entire school population through presentations, after school programs, interest groups, and in-class lessons.

According to National Association for Gifted Children, there are three major responsibilities of Gifted Programs with regard to the Common Core Standards.

  • Provide pathways to accelerate the CCSS for gifted learners.

  • Provide examples of differentiated task demands to address specific standards.

  • Create interdisciplinary product demands to elevate learning for gifted students and to efficiently address multiple standards at once.

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Mrs. Bleakley with one of her heroes - 

Bill Nye the Science Guy!

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Hello!  My name is Mrs. Bleakley and I am the STEP teacher at Mohawk Avenue School and Helen Morgan.  I love to laugh and listen to all kinds of music. I enjoy anything to do with Harry Potter.  I like to watch and play soccer,  and appreciate the ocean and nature in general.  Helping students reach their potential and watching them grow brings me immense joy.  I am incredibly lucky to do what I love, everyday.  

Oh, and pineapples. I really love pineapples. Pineapples are really, really tasty.

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