Computers Lit                                                            Mr. Ronnie Flint

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to demonstrate computer skills including:

  • Ø      keyboarding skills
  • Ø      compose documents using indents, spacing, margins and justifying
  • Ø      create databases and necessary functions to save, retrieve, sort, perform queries, and make forms
  • Ø      create spreadsheets with labels, formulas, and charts
  • Ø      use spreadsheets for problem solving and forecasting
  • Ø      link databases and spreadsheets with word documents
  • Ø      basic concepts of computer ethics
  • Ø      computer history
  • Ø      create multimedia presentations that including animation, sound, video and text
  • Ø     manipulate graphics
Credit                     Successful completion of this 1-semester course will satisfy Computer Literacy requirement.
 Grading                  Your grade is based on your performance on tests, quizzes, projects, keyboarding speed and daily assignments.
 Policies                   Food, AND drinks have no place in the computer room. Be on time and on task is the prime directive. 

 Homework Policy   Study time for quizzes, projects and reading of related computer current events as necessary.

Make-up Work       Students are  responsible to request and complete  a MAKE-UP FORM on the day they return to class. 
 Not all work,   especially work that is participatory and contributive in nature, can be made up.   
Citizenship              Disruptive and disrespectful behavior, misuse and abuse of computer hardware/software your citizenship grade will
be lowered and/or appropriate disciplinary action may be taken.

Other                      All school, district, local, city, state, federal, international treaties and rules will be strictly enforced.


Parents/students     If you have questions, concerns or would like to set up an appointment, the school number is 333-3456,

 or email