Overview of counseling department services
The counseling department at Spanish Springs High School is committed to helping each and every student reach their academic potential by promoting the academic and social development of all students. Our goal is to be proactive in promoting academic success for all students by offering services in the following areas:
Academic Advisement
College and Career Counseling
Personal/Social Counseling
A student may make an appointment to meet with their counselor in the Counseling Office across from the College and Career Center. That student's counselor will meet with the student as soon as possible. A student may also drop-in to see their counselor before and after school, and during either nutrition break.
Anyone wishing to contact a counselor by phone is asked to call 424-7286 and request the appropriate counselor, or please contact the counselor by e-mail.
*Counselor Assignments:
Last Names:         Counselor                     E-Mail                                                Phone                                
A-Ch                     Ms. Hamilton             dhamilton@washoeschools.net          775.321.3950
Ci-Gi                    Mrs. Goss                   agoss@washoeschools.net                 775.321.3951
Gl-La                    Mrs. Dreelan              ldreelan@washoeschools.net            775.321.3952
Le-Oc                   Mrs. Benson               jbenson@washoeschools.net             775.321.3953
Od-Se                   Mr. Pregal                  gpregal@washoeschools.net              775.321.3954
Sh-Z                     Mr. Nisbet                  dnisbet@washoeschools.net              775.321.3955
*All counselors work with 9th-12th graders by last names.