High School Planning

Be familiar with all required courses and graduation requirements.  The Gateway Curriculum requires students to take English and Math all four years of high school and science for at least three years.  Additional requirements are World History, US History, American Government, Computer Literacy, Health, PE, arts/humanities/career technical education, and elective credits.  See your counselor for more information on diploma options.
What you do outside of school counts too!!  Develop habits that will help you succeed in high school, in college, and in the workplace.
  1. Find a quiet place to study and do homework.
  2. Plan a daily homework and study schedule and stick to it.  Do more than is required,  review notes vocabulary, extra math problems, etc.
  3. Ask your family and/or friends to look over your homework and ask for help if you're struggling.
  4. Take  time to EXPLORE.  Use resources in the library and career center.  Start researching career ideas and colleges.  
  5. Get INVOLVED.  Join clubs at school and volunteer in your community.  When it comes time to apply for college and scholarships; application committees like to see students that are well rounded.
  6. HAVE FUN.  High school is a time to explore interests, find out what you are good at, improve on what you're not so good at, and plan for the future.
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