In first grade we learn that God is our Father and we are his children. We are learning chivalry, compassion, neatness, and respect. Your children will learn the responsibility of cleaning their own desk, being a King's Kid (school mail carrier), and doing careful homework. They will adjust to having more "class time" and less "play time." 
     In first grade books really come alive as children learn how to read independently. They are going to be able to decode any word they come across in their books. Their reading skills will strengthen throughout the year. They will learn about the setting, point of view, different genres, story sequence, compare and contrast, and other topics. Also with them reading it will help develop their writing skills including word choice, voice, and presentation. 
     Spa Christian follows Saxon Math curriculum which goes through information, introducing and building on it throughout the year, In this way, the skills say fresh in their minds. The first graders will grow fluent in addition and subtraction. God's character is integrated into even our math program. 
     First grade subjects include: Bible, handwriting, science, social studies, technology, music, gym, art, and Spanish. First graders have a built-in ability to make connections among all the subject areas within a Biblical worldview. 
Even though we do a lot of work we make time for fun. We allow the children to explore through touch, movement, song, play, drawings, games, and even videos. 
     It is a joy to watch your children grow throughout the year!