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The Third Foot (An Interview with Buzz Aldrin)

The Third Foot (An Interview with Buzz Aldrin)

"The Third Foot - An Interview with Buzz Aldrin" is based on an exclusive 
SpaceViz (Space Viz)
 nterview with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, we blend archival footage and audio with new animations to round out his take on the past, present and future of manned space missions. 
Bonus Materials (including Animations, a Slideshow and Trailers) are included with the DVD. (
Duration: 60 minutes, 39 seconds)

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Transmissions with Mission Control

The Third Foot (Now Available)

Buzz Aldrin in Apollo 11 capsule
Apollo 11 - Buzz Aldrin, July 1969

A fantastic view of Gemini-12 pilot Buzz Aldrin as he is hoisted into the recovery helicopter with Navy frogmen in the background preparing the spacecraft for final recovery.

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