Positive Feedback Made Personal with Google Forms and Autocrat

Session Information
Time :  Session #4   2:10-3:00pm
Location: Room D47

Positive Feedback Made Personal with Google Forms and Autocrat* 
Session Overview: Positive feedback is one of the most powerful motivators in a teacher's toolbox.  It builds trust and respect between teachers and students, it brings delight to parents, and it can be one of the most  positive, vivid memories of a student's adolescence.  Yet, teachers often lack the time to provide the type of meaningful feedback they would otherwise love to convey.

This session will guide educators through the process of creating an easy to manage, efficient, school-wide system for positive student recognition.  This method streamlines opportunities for positive behavior support, such gathering nominations for and distributing awards for a Student of the Month initiative. It starts with the creation of a positive feedback certificate template, customized as a Google Document.  By using the Autocrat merge script, this template is then automatically populated with student names, dates, and positive comments that are conveniently gathered from teachers using a Google Form. The installation of the Autocrat script automatically generates and emails a customized copy of your certificate to a selected point person. Once printed, it can be given to the students as a physical reminder of their hard work.  You'll also have a Google spreadsheet database of all recognized students over, time which is great for record keeping nominations and past award winners.  See an example certificate below, or CLICK HERE to view in Google Docs 

This process can also be used to create a system for generating other documents quickly and easily from a Google form, including a iPad or Chromebook app installation request, like shown here: http://goo.gl/PRCihA

Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Strand: Instruction geared for teachers and administration

Featured Tools: Google Docs, Forms, and Sheets (utilizing the Autocrat merge template script)

For session location and time, please consult the printed program provided on site at the conference.

Session Resources

    Session Slideshow Presentation

    Sample Merge Templates

    Sample Google Forms

    Sample Spreadsheet Databases

    Understanding Autocrat

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