Google Comments: What Others Have To Say

Session Information

Session Title: Google Comments: What Others Have To Say

Abstract: It is no secret that Google Drive is a great tool for student collaboration. A benefit for students is the opportunity for peer/teacher editing to improve students’ work. This is where comments come in to play. Teachers and students can comment on shared documents to add input, encouragement, or suggestions. Google offers an easy way to do this with the comments button, but there is also a great add-on that allows audio comments! This session will show how to use Google’s built in comments as well as audio comments to improve student work through peer/teacher collaboration within Google Drive.

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Strand: Instruction (geared for teachers) 

Featured Tools: Docs, Comments, Voice Comments 

Time and Location: Session 3 (1:10-2:00) Room D34

For session location and time, please consult the printed program provided on site at the conference.

Session Resources
Below is a list of resources used in the session as well as "How-To" materials. Please feel free to share with others.
  • What Participants Need:
    • PC, Mac, or Chromebook with a built-in or external microphone
    • Google Account

Session Presenter

Jeremy Badiner taught 3rd, 4th & 5th grades for 15 years before becoming an Instructional Technology Coach for Gull Lake Community Schools helping teachers integrate technology.