Today’s Schedule

 B – 1:00 Dismissal





Word of the Week: Authority / autoridad


Definition: the power that someone has because of his or her official position / derecho legitimo de mandar por su puesto oficial



Sentence: He does not have the authority to fire people. / El no tiene la autoridad para despedir a los trabajadores.










Student Section








No skateboards or scooters are allowed on campus. Do not bring them to school. If you do, they will be confiscated and your parent will need to pick it up.    


Please remember to turn in your library books to avoid late fees. Starting today at lunch, the library will be having our annual book fair.  Stop by to purchase books and other fun items.  See you there!


Students: We will no longer be providing snacks during Saturday School, so please be sure to have a breakfast before coming to Saturday School and to bring your own snack if you will attending Saturday School.