Southwest Middle School

Daily Bulletin


Tuesday, January 17, 2012     Bulletin #94




 Today’s Schedule

C – 3:00 Dismissal








Word of the Week: Discuss / Discutir


Definition: To talk about something in a serious way / analizar detenidamente un tema dando cada uno su opinión tratando de llegar a un acuerdo


Sentence: You should discuss your problems in class with your teachers. / Deberías discutir tus problemas en clases con tus maestros.

Student Section


Boys and Girls basketball practices begin today after homework hour.  Please make sure you are in proper clothing before practice begins.


Students, please remember to turn in your library books to avoid late fees. 

Calling all future medical professionals! Get ahead in your future medical profession. Medical Pathways is a class that will be taught during 7th period by a Southwest High School teacher.  You will earn an elective credit and will be ready for high school and your future career. See your counselor in Relo 3 to register today!