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Create a blog

Short link to this page:

A blog is short for web log, a special type of web site that lets you post a series of thoughts, ideas, and/or writings over a period of time.  It's sort of an online diary.

There are a few steps to create and share your very own SWSD Blog:

1.  Visit the website:

2.  Sign in using your normal school (Novell) username and password.

3.  Follow the directions on the embedded powerpoint on the right to create your blog.

4.  Visit your teacher's Blog page and use the form link on the top to request to have your blog posted on this site!

5.  Visit your teacher's Blog page to get the links to your classmates blogs.  Check out what others are writing about!


When you post and comment on your own blog, or your friend's blog, you begin to leave a "digital footprint" out on the internet.  

Make sure that what you are putting out there is positive, appropriate, and something you would be proud to show your friends, teachers, principal, family, grandparents, etc.

Don't ever use a blog to bully, tease, or embarrass someone.    Thank you!

Troubleshooting Tips:
1.  If you do not initially see the "My Sites" link under the Dashboard, then log out and log back in, and you will find it then appears.  We are not sure why it takes the second log in, but it fixes it right away.
2.  When previewing themes, if it previews just a white screen, DON'T ACTIVATE IT!!  We found when this happens, the blog will no longer work - your blog will just be a white screen whenever anyone visits it.   There is no way of fixing it - you will have to start a blog all over.

Intro to SW Blogs