Excel Chapter 2

Formulas, Functions, and Formatting

The new topics in this chapter include using formulas and functions to create worksheet.  A function is a prewritten formula that is built into Excel.  Other new topics include buttons, verifying formulas, applying a theme to a worksheet, adding borders, formatting numbers and text, using conditional formatting, changing the widths of columns and heights of rows, spell checking, using alternative types of worksheet displays and printouts, and adding page headers and footers to a worksheet.  One alternative worksheet display and printout shows the formulas int eh worksheet instead of the values.  When you display the formulas in the worksheet, you see exactly what text, data, formulas, and functions you have entered into it.


Microsoft Excel – Formulas, Functions, and Formatting


Key Learning (s):   

Learning Excel will provide you with the ability to manipulate numerical data in resolving issues related to finances or other numbers-based information.


Unit Essential Question(s):           

How do you prepare and format an Excel Worksheet?


Entering Titles, Numbers, and Formulas

Using the AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN functions

Formatting the Worksheet

Displaying and Printing the Formulas Version of the Worksheet


Lesson Essential Questions


·         How do you enter formulas using the keyboard and Point mode?

·         How do you verify a formula using Range Finder?


Lesson Essential Questions

·         How can you apply the AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN functions?


Lesson Essential Questions


·         How is a theme applied to a workbook?

·         How can you add conditional formatting to cells?

·         How do you change the column width and row height?

·         How do you check the spelling of a worksheet?

·         How are sheets in a workbook renamed?


Lesson Essential Questions


·         How do you set margins, headers, and footers in Page Layout View?

·         How do you preview and print versions of a workbook?

·         How do you use a Web query to get real-time data from a Web site?

·         How do you e-mail the active workbook from within Excel?





Order of Operations




MAX function

MIN function

Range finder




Fixed dollar sign

Floating dollar sign

Comma style format

Accounting number format



Best fit




Spell checker

Page layout view

Normal view



Values version

Formulas version



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