Now that all of us are having our own device for learning does it mean that anything has changed? Is there anything we need to do that is special?

Some people say that we need to be digital citizens and that means we have to be smart learners; smart about our online relationships, digital footprint and a few other things.

We need to make sure that you are ready to act safely as a digital citizen before we give you access to the internet outside of class time. It is a bit like getting a a drivers licence. We are looking to make sure you are ready for this responsibility before we give it to you. To get trusted you are going to have to Get Learning and Get Creating.

The real reason we have technology to help us is so we can use it to help us  learn and be creative for ourselves and others. If we get learn and get creative we can be recognised, nurtured and celebrated.

The video below talks about young people not getting a car license.
Can we think of the internet and connected devices as needing an age for license too?

YouTube Video

Can you do it? are you prepared to ? 
The main thing you need is effort.

Your license will be given to you to become a
Licensed Student

This will give you the privilege of internet access before school and at lunchtime. As well as this you will get a personalised sticker for your laptop
to get this: 

You need to complete the Must Dos of  Get Learning and Get Creating

You need to be able to show you have put significant effort into two choices of Get Learning and Get Creating

Your computer needs to be free of pirated software, file sharing software, have no downloaded movies, be well looked after, have a searchable internet history, 

The alternative

Unlicensed Student

Has limited access to the internet and only during classroom hours
No access to Google chat facility 
No admin rights to their machine
Need to complete the license again