Welcome to Mrs. Mosher's 6th Grade Science  
                                                               South Seneca Middle School

In 6th grade science, students will learn some of the many skills used in scientific experimentation.  
These skills include learning about, using, and understanding the following.
  • observing
  • inferring
  • scientific method
  • metric and standard measurement
  • conversions and conversion tables
  • solving formulas and equations
  • place value and the base ten number system
  • multiplying and dividing by powers of ten
  • exponential, expanded and standard notation
  • glassware
  • triple beam balance
  • microscope
  • spring scale
  • data tables
  • graphs
  • food chain
  • food web
  • energy pyramid
  • geologic time scale
  • map skills
  • volume 
  • mass
  • density
  • buoyancy
  • forces
  • motion
  • dichotomous key

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