The Child at Preschool

Some children adapt readily to preschool, others take their time.
No matter how your child reacts to school, allow time to do it in his/her own way.

It is common for children to:

  • remain very close to you when you are at preschool.
  • interact very little with other children at first.
  • say very little about preschool at home.
  • change their behavior at home as they try out new independence.
  • have more colds and illnesses from contact with more people.

To assist your child, you can:

  • give the teacher any information that will help make the adjustment easier.
  • avoid building expectations too high.
  • suggest casually what to expect.
  • tell your child there will be other children of the same age, toys to be used, areas to be explored and friendly, caring adults.
  • give reassurance that you will accompany your child to school and stay as long as needed.
  • provide comfortable clothing. Your child should not have to worry about staying clean. Dress for messy activities and wear sturdy non-skid shoes for climbing.