Parents at Preschool

Often adults are surprised to find they have adjustments to make at preschool, just as children do.
Many new parents as well as returning parents may find themselves a bit "'lost" at first.
Keep in mind this is a common reaction.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed:

  • How do you function as an assistant teacher?
  • Where are all the supplies and equipment located?
  • What is the daily schedule?
  • What are the procedures /policies?

You may be somewhat anxious. You wonder:

  • Will all these people think that I am an "OK" parent?
  • Is my child "OK?"'
  • Will my child like preschool?

You may feel isolated:

  • There will be many people you don't know.
  • You may find it difficult to ask questions.
  • Everyone else seems to know what they're doing.

You can function smoothly if you can remember that:

  • No one can learn everything at once. Interacting with children and adults, learning guidance techniques and learning to use equipment and supplies is a continuous process -- it takes all year, at least.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions, even of a beginning parent.
    It is an excellent way to become acquainted and lose that feeling of isolation.
  • The teacher and instructor are resource people. Talk to them when you have doubts about handling situations with children or need some extra help.

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