Play and Work at School

General Guidelines:

  • Teach children and enforce rules about areas that are off limits for children.
  • Keep floors free of spills, toys, paper or other tripping, slipping hazards.
  • No hot beverages in the children's classroom.
  • If you discover a safety hazard, please remove it from use and report it to the teacher.
  • Walk indoors - running is not allowed.
  • Building blocks follow the 'no higher than the shoulder of the shortest child who is playing in the area' rule.
  • Teachers evaluate the safe limits of children in each play/work area. Parents enforce this by establishing waiting lists or encouraging children to play in another area.
  • Remember that children need particularly close supervision when using tools or equipment for cooking, carpentry, gardening, etc.

In Climbing Areas:

  • Parents will be posted at strategic places to ensure safe use of equipment. This takes particular vigilance on the part of parents. Your job win be to stay close enough (within arm's reach and with hands free) to react quickly, to teach children to negotiate equipment successfully and to follow the climbing rules:
    • keep both hands free (i.e., no toys, blankets, etc.)
    • slide feet first
    • wear rubber soled shoes
    • climb in safe clothing (i.e. no long dress up clothes, etc.)
    • be respectful of other climbers (i.e., no pushing, shaking, etc.)
  • If a child does not follow the rules, give one warning, then remove the child from the climber and instruct him to play in another area.
  • Do not leave your work area unattended - get a parent/teacher to replace you.
  • Limit the number of children in this area to an amount which you feel is comfortable for you to supervise or the number which has been set by the teacher, whichever is the smallest number.
  • If you see something that is unsafe or causing a problem, call the teacher.