The "Preschool Teacher's Role"

The preschool teacher is hired and paid by the parents in the preschool and plays a vital part in the quality of the preschool program.

The teacher:

  • Attends preschool each day the school is in session.
  • Works closely with the parent education instructor regarding educational programs and the needs of the group.
  • Plans and implements a developmentally appropriate curriculum for the children's preschool.
  • Sets up the preschool environment. Directs the preschool's daily schedule, supervising free play, clean-up and leads group times with the children.
  • Checks supplies often and sees that they are purchased.
  • Directs the parents in their role as assistant teachers, making suggestions that will help parents to work effectively in the classroom and with children.
  • Models appropriate interactions with children, to include factual commenting, redirecting and problem solving.
  • Attends board and preschool meetings sharing the curriculum and feedback regarding preschool happenings.
  • Holds a current First Aid/CPR card, food handlers permit, and has received safety training to include child/sexual abuse recognition and reporting and the handling of blood born pathogens.
  • Attends teacher meetings and inservices offered by South Seattle Community College, as well as workshops and classes relating to Early Childhood Education.

Other Cooperative Preschool Roles: