The "Preschool Board's Role"

Each cooperative preschool is a non-profit autonomous small business that makes its own decisions regarding business, policy, finances and teacher selection. All decisions are made by a majority vote of the membership. Each year the membership elects a board to assume the roles of leadership. The board consists of: chairperson, parent coordinator(s), secretary, treasurer and Parent Advisory Council representatives. The preschool teacher and parenting instructor are also board members who serve in an advisory role without vote.

The board:

  • Meets monthly. Meetings are open to the entire membership.
  • Plans the agenda for parent meetings.
  • Recommends action to the preschool membership on policy or financial matters.
  • Serves as a problem solving resource for the preschool.
  • Is responsible for handling preschool matters during the summer.

Other Cooperative Preschool Roles: