The "Parent Ed Instructor's Role"

The parent education instructor is assigned to the preschool by the Home and Family Life Department at South Seattle Community College. The instructor:
  • Attends the preschool lab two hours per week.
  • Works closely with the preschool teacher regarding educational programs and the needs of the group.
  • Maintains standards for the children's program consistent with current theory, research and practice in Early Childhood Education.
  • Provides parent education information to parents through a variety of ways: individual consultation, modeling, group discussions, formal lectures, handouts and parent education seminars.
  • Gives assistance to parents in their role as assistant teachers at preschool, offering guidance in interpreting behavior, growth and development of young children.
  • Helps the group evaluate their program, and assists in the recruitment and hiring of a preschool teacher, when needed.
  • Attends board meetings and parent meetings providing leadership, instruction, feedback regarding preschool functions, offering guidance to the board.
  • Holds a current First Aid/CPR card, Vocational Certification, and safety training to include child/sexual abuse recognition and reporting and the handling of blood born pathogens.
  • Attends South Seattle Community College's Home and Family Life staff meetings and inservices, as well as workshops and classes relating to Early Childhood Education.

Other Cooperative Preschool Roles: