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I'm Confused - Call For Help

Most parents of young children have lots of questions regarding their child.
Being enrolled in a cooperative preschool lends itself to lots of questions too.

It's common to have many questions, concerns, or problems.
Please don't hesitate to ask for help.
We're here for you.

Questions Regarding:


Child's progress at school Preschool Teacher
or Parent Ed Instructor
Curriculum suggestions Preschool Teacher
Child or family concerns Parent Ed Instructor
Workday scheduling changes Parent Coordinator
Missing your workday at preschool Another parent to substitute, or call Parent Coordinator as last resort
Parent meeting questions Chairperson or Parent Coordinator
Absence from parent meeting Parent Ed Instructor, Chairperson, or Parent Coordinator
Health concerns Parent Coordinator or Preschool Teacher
Preschool job or committee functioning Chairperson
Business concerns Chairperson
Preschool tuition Treasurer
South Seattle Community College tuition Parent Ed Instructor
Scholarships Treasurer or Parent Ed Instructor
Teacher concerns Parent Ed Instructor
Termination of membership notification Parent Coordinator
Parent education seminar sign-up Parent Ed Instructor
Parent education suggestion Parent Ed Instructor
Concerns not listed Parent Coordinator or Parent Ed Instructor