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Helpful Suggestions - From Your Children

... to Try at Preschool and at Home

Pay the most attention to the good things I do.
I want to be noticed and will act in any way necessary to get your attention. Make sure I get the most attention for the good things, not just when I misbehave.

Tell me what I can do, not what I can't do.
Telling me "don't", "stop", or "quit" leaves me not knowing what is the acceptable thing to do.

Say to me:

"Use both hands to climb" instead of "don't fall."
"Use your walking feet" instead of "don't run."
"You can fill this container with sand" instead of "don't throw the sand."
"'Use your inside voice" instead of "don't yell."

Give me a choice only when I really have one.
Tell me, "it's time to go," instead of "do you want to go?"

I want to grow up to be just like you.
I notice how you do things. Be what you want me to become. Teach me what is right and wrong by your actions.

Please don't make fun of me or talk about my behavior to your friends in front of me.
I get embarrassed.

Why do you sometimes say, -"why can't you play nicely like Ashley?' or "'throw the ball as far as Emily does?-"
It makes me feel bad when you make competitive remarks.

Really listen to me when I talk.
Sometimes I have a hard time explaining what I want to say.

I need and want limits.
Stop me when I get out of hand. A few easily remembered rules work better than many rules that may be forgotten. Be kind, firm and friendly when you enforce rules.

Don't wait until you are at the end of your rope to discipline me.
But if you do get to the end of your rope, stop and cool down before you act. Both of us need an occasional "time out break."

Give me ways to express my anger.
Teach me ways that are not hurtful or destructive, like "using my words" instead of my fists.

Remember I'm a little kid and I don't understand right and wrong the way you do.
Adults remember that it's wrong to he and steal. I forget. I often do things and don't know why I do them. Guide me with patience.

Remember to give me a 5 minute warning before I need to change activities.
It's hard for me to stop what I'm doing when I'm really involved.

I believe what you say about me.
Don't call me bad, a liar, a bully or dumb. Instead say, "I really don't like the way you are acting now."

Allow me to solve my own problems whenever possible.
I need practice in order to build my confidence that I can take care of myself.
However, if the situation is dangerous, please help me out.

Believe in me.
Have faith that I will succeed.

Always stay in your assigned work area at preschool.
My friends and I need your supervision in order to feel safe.

I get tired, have bad days, run into tough times, and go through hard stages.
Allow for mistakes.

Sometimes you get tired, have bad days, run into tough times, and go through hard stages.
Allow for mistakes.

It's important to have me understand that parents are people too.
You need time alone and things for yourself.

Find lots of ways to let me know you love me.
just spending time with me shows me you care about me.

Relax and enjoy taking me to preschool.
My friends and I love sharing our time with you.

Please read these suggestions often to help you help me!