About South Seattle Community College Parent Cooperative Preschools

Parent Education

When you enroll your child in a Parent Cooperative preschool you are simultaneously enrolled in a vocational course through South Seattle Community College entitled "Parent Education Child Study Laboratory."

The goal of this course is to foster competent parenting and family management skills. You acquire these skills through:

  • discussions at monthly parent meetings
  • lectures at parent education seminars
  • informal chats with your parenting instructor
  • handouts
  • experiential participation in your child's preschool
Parents enrolled in the class are required to:
  • work one day per week in the preschool
  • provide a nutritious snack on a rotating basis
  • hold a 'special job' - from playdough-maker to chairperson
  • attend a two hour monthly evening parent meeting
  • attend a two hour quarterly parent education seminar

Cooperative Preschool Lab

The children's preschool lab is a carefully planned learning environment divided into a number of interesting learning centers.

These centers are supervised by the parents who work as assistant teachers. It is a busy place as children move about the preschool, free to explore and experiment with the materials and equipment.
A skilled preschool teacher designs the curriculum and leads the classroom activities.Each day parents will be assigned to work in the various learning centers. Some of the many activities offered are:

  • Beads, peg sets, puzzles, lotto, parquetry, small blocks, legos.
  • Painting, markers, glue, playdough, chalk, crayons, scissors, tape.
  • Large and small blocks used with various accessories such as trucks, cars, trains, animal figures, people figures, and houses.
  • Dramatic, imaginative, cooperative play with dress-up clothes and props.
  • Sensory experiences with water, playdough, sand, and other materials.
  • Climber, slides, balance beams, rocking boat.
  • Hands-on science and math.
  • Pre-reading and writing activities.
  • Cooking.
  • Carpentry.

Small and large groups provide more structured learning experiences and music time is the highlight of each day.