Regardless of your academic goals, strong reading and writing skills are your foundation for a successful college career. The English Department at South Seattle Community College provides students the analytical reading and writing skills that will serve their professional, personal, and academic lives.
Our developmental courses (ENGL 080s, ENGL091, ENGL094, ENGL095, ENGL096, ENGL098) help students prepare for college level courses and include focused instruction in reading and writing from the sentence level to the essay.
Our college level composition courses (ENGL&101, ENGL&102) prepare students for the critical thinking, reading, and writing expected in higher education. ENGL201, Advanced Composition, is also occasionally available.
Our literature courses provide students a wide range of options serving as elective credits for your transfer degree.
Our creative writing courses (ENGL151, ENGL152, ENGL153) give you the opportunity to explore poetry and fiction writing.
To find out more information about our courses, or how to place into them, please visit our Courses page.