We've all been to those 'how to' conferences, read a ton of articles and spoken to anyone who'll listen about how our e-mail sucks the life out of us -- as many of us are on a serious quest to manage the beast!
On this website we hope to gather all those great conference ideas, articles and water-cooler conversations about your e-mail management ideas. 
Here's our 'gathering e-email tips' online form: http://tinyurl.com/emailtipsform/ (Please feel free to send it out and/or use it anytime you come up with a wonderful e-mail tip you'd like to share!)
Upon submittal of this online form you'll be greeted with 'previously submitted' responses (link). Check out what others have submitted!  I'll be gathering the best of these responses/tips and posting them here on this website -- just as soon as I finish reading/responding to my emails. :-/
We eagerly await your insight and thank YOU so much for your time!