College App FAQ's

FAQ (Applying for College and Scholarships) 

CEEB/School Code

381-040 (Use this code for college and scholarship applications, such as College Board).

Letters of Recommendation

Test Scores

The Common App and Other Forms



Weighted Transcripts

Mid Year Reports

Final Reports

Letters of Recommendation

Q: Do I need a letter of recommendation when I apply for college?

A: It depends on the college/scholarship. Some require one while others only need a transcript. Verify with the college or scholarship program.
Q: Can any school staff write a letter of recommendation for me?
A: Any staff member can write a letter for you. Some schools require a counselor recommendation (check with your college/program)
Q: Do I need to schedule a meeting with my counselor to have them write a letter for me?
A: First complete the Senior Bio form and if the counselor has questions they will call you down to talk to you about it. If you want your counselor to know more about you personally, schedule a meeting to discuss this.
Q: How long does it take to get a letter of recommendation?
A: Counselors require 10 school days to complete the letter; teachers may require a different amount of time.
Q: Do I need to fill out a Senior Interview Sheet every time I need a letter of recommendation?
A: No. The Senior Interview Sheet is filled out one time.
Q: Do I need to request a transcript with my letter of recommendation?
A: All colleges and scholarship programs require an official transcript. Most students request an official transcript WITH their letter or other documents.
Q: Can I pick up my letter of recommendation or have my parent pick it up?
A: It is not our policy to give letters of recommendation to student or parents.
Q: How can I be sure my counselor has sent my recommendation in on time?
A: Your counselors are professionals who take pride in their responsibilities very seriously. They do everything in their power to honor your requests. However it is up to you to double check.
Q: Where can I go to check the status of my recommendation and/or transcript?
A: You can check in the Jr/Sr Office with the Administrative Assistant, records are kept of when your request was sent.
Test Scores

Q: How can I send my ACT/SAT scores to the school or scholarship program I am applying for?

A: Test scores will NOT be listed on your transcript. SAT scores can be requested on an individual/separate basis from and ACT scores can be requested from
Q: Can I request both scores from one place?
A: No, SAT scores are requested from and ACT scores are requested from

The Common App and Other Forms

Q: What is the CEEB Code for SSHS?

A: 381-040
Q: Can the Common App be done online or electronically?
A: It can all be done online EXCEPT for the two page counselor petition called the Secondary School Report. You need to fill out the student section, print it, sign the form, and submit those two pages (hard copies) to your counselor to complete.
Q: Do I need to request a transcript with my Common App?
A: Colleges require an official transcript WITH their application most students request an official transcript WITH their Common App requests.
Q: Does my counselor make copies of the Common App or do I need to print one for every school?
A: Please print one for every school.
Q: Can the student or parent pick up the completed Common App (or other forms)?
A: Typically the Common App or other forms are mailed directly to the school or program so they can be official.
Q: Are there any colleges or scholarship programs that SSHS can submit electronic documents to?
A: Yes, the OSAC Scholarship accepts electronic transcripts. SSHS will upload the transcript to OSCA with parent signature only. See the ASPIRE Center for more info.
Q: The college/scholarship I am applying for is asking for a School Profile where do I find this?
A: You can find a copy of the School Profile on under ‘documents’ on the school website.
Q: My application is asking for demographic information such as ethnic percentage, where do I find this info?
A: The counselor completes this info please bring in the form with a completed College and Scholarship request form.

Q: How much does a transcript cost?

A: We do not charge for transcripts.
Q: What is the difference between an official and an unofficial transcript?
A: An official is a sealed envelope and a signed document, an unofficial is not.
Q: Do I need an official transcript when I apply for college or will an unofficial work?
A: All colleges require an official transcript. An unofficial transcript is NOT sufficient for college/scholarship applications.
Q: Can a student or parent pick up the transcript?
A: Yes
Q: What do I do if I notice an error on my transcript?
A: Come to the Registrar's Office immediately to discuss your issue.

Q: Will my transcript have my class ranking on it?

A: Yes.
Q: What if my rank changes?
A: The Registrar updates ranking throughout the year to reflect all changes.
Q: How often is ranking done?
A: The Registrar does rankings in Oct, Feb, and June once final grades have posted.
Q: I retook a class and the grade has not been changed or replaces on my transcript what do I do?
A: See the Registrar immediately to discuss your issue
Q: What happens if I lose my diploma, can I get a reprint?
A: No we do not reprint diplomas under any circumstance. Your final transcript is the actual legal document and should be sufficient to prove that you graduated.
Weighted Transcripts

Q: Can I get my transcript weighted?

A: Colleges weight your transcript based on their own individual system.
Q: Can I use a weighted transcript be used in class rank?
A: No
Q: Can weighted transcripts be made official?
A: No.
Mid Year Reports

Q: Will Mid Year reports go out automatically or do I need to request that they be sent?

A: You must submit the College and Scholarship request form which includes a transcript. Be sure to write "MID YEAR REPORT" on the top of your request and turn it in to the Registrar with the attached mid-year report.
Q: Can I turn in my mid-year request early?
A: Yes, just make sure you specify it should not be sent until mid-year.
Q: When do mid-year reports go out?
A: As soon as the grades post for semester I. Grades usually post 3 weeks after semester I ends.
Final Reports

Q: Will my final transcript be mailed out automatically?

A: No you must request that we mail it out.
Q: How do I make sure my final transcript and Final report is sent?
A: You MUST submit the College and Scholarship request form, which includes a transcript, and an envelope. The final report will then go out automatically. Be sure to write "FINAL REPORT" on the top of the form.
Q: When do I turn in the Final report and Final transcript requests?
A: No earlier than May 1st.
Q: Will my final transcript have my graduation date and diploma type?
A: Yes.
Q: When will final transcripts be ready to send out?
A: After Semester II grades have been posted and transcripts reviewed. This is usually completed by the first week of July.