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Help enrich and enhance the education of students at South Salem High School.  You’ll broaden the horizons and feed the curiosity of kids in programs in science, music, math, English, theatre, history, languages, special education and more. Your contribution serves greatly students at South — now and into the future.

You can become a supporter with either a one-time contribution or choose to make simple, ongoing monthly gifts as part of our Sustaining Circle with bank transfer or automatic credit or debit card charges.  Become a Saxon Supporter now by clicking the Donate button below!

If you would rather support the Foundation's work with a check, please consider mailing a donation to S.S.H.S. Education Foundation, PO Box 212, Salem, OR 97308. 

The Saxon Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support academic engagement and achievement in the classroom and in extracurricular programs. Through advocacy and the raising and distribution of funds, the foundation enriches the academic environment at South Salem High School.

To assist teaching staff in maintaining and enhancing the educational environment at South Salem High School by providing funds for projects or other specific needs that otherwise would not be available to staff or students through the regular school budget funding. 

To encourage community involvement in South Salem High School's educational programs by providing ways for individuals and organizations to share resources with the school and by facilitating cooperative ventures between community groups and the school.

To aid in finding grant and funding sources for specific needs. To advocate for stronger District and State policies to adequately support academic success.

Each year, the Saxon Foundation encourages teachers to submit a grant application for needed items not covered by the School District's budget. Through teacher grants and wish lists, the Saxon Foundation supports the school by funding needed materials, equipment, and other academic opportunities.

Who are we:
Volunteer parents and community members who want to make a difference in our student's education. Come join us and make a difference.
            The Saxon Foundation is a 501.C.3 non-profit, and an Oregon Cultural Trust partner