The Southport School Collaborative PD Summer Series

Led by Southport School teachers and collaborators, this workshop series will share strategies for working with students with learning differences at home and in the classroom.  Parents, teachers, and administrators are invited to learn more about how we can work as a community to impact the nearly 1 in 5 students with learning and attention issues, including the 1 in 10 with dyslexia, in our schools. Please follow the links on the left for further information on each of the workshop offerings.

All sessions* will be presented in The Southport School Arts and Music Building and space is limited so registration is required. 

*The Apple Accessibility event is held a different location and requires separate registration. See the event details for more information.

The Southport School

The Southport School provides transformative educational experiences for students in kindergarten through 8th grade with language-based learning differences, like dyslexia, and ADHD.