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Thank you for taking the time to stop by the Title One Corner.     I have over 18 years of teaching experience and I am very excited to work   with  your child this school year.
My hope is that you will use this website to keep up with your child's Title One mini lessons. This website will also provide you with  a variety of resources                      that your student can use both in and out of the classroom.  
This year will prove to be an adventurous year, filled with new opportunities and experiences geared towards a brighter future for your child.                                                 


What is Title One?

MacArthur K-8 University Academy falls under the Title I School Wide Model which is designed to provide support and resources to all students in the areas of reading/and or math  who are not meeting the state’s academic content and achievement standards. Title I is a federal funded program that is based on reduced lunch. Its purpose is to increase student achievement and provide students additional instructional time in a smaller classroom setting.  

Students meet in the Title I Room for 45 minutes a few times a week and are provided with a variety of strategies to meet their individual reading and math needs. This program helps build self-confidence, decoding skills, phonics, fluency, and comprehension.  

Title I also offers:
After– School Title I Tutorial Program
Title I District Summer School Program
Title I Push In & Pull Out Program

Students are referred for Title I services by their homeroom teacher. Title I services are available to those students who are not working at grade level and are not meeting grade level standards.

Once referred for services students will work with the Title I Teacher in small groups several times a week through individualized instruction and tutoring.

As a Title I school we are also committed to developing school programs and activities that equip our parents and/or guardians with the necessary skills and resources to assist their students. Continue to check the MacArthur website for upcoming Title I Parent Workshops. 

Contact Information
Phone: (248) 746-8590


Title One

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