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Elementary poems 2015-2016

How to draw a frog         How to draw a chick       How to Draw a Bee

Listen to a poem being recited by Mrs. Jones!

Memorization Techniques:

1. Draw an image for each line of the poem.
2. Write the first letter of word for each line in the poem.
3. Memorize one line go back to the beginning recite the everything you have memorized and then add on a new line..

Fun Things To Do with Poetry...

  http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/theme_poems/                                                      http://www.poemofquotes.com/tools/rhyme-generator.php                                   http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/acrostic/

http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/diamante/                                                        http://ettcweb.lr.k12.nj.us/forms/bio.htm    

Acrostic Name Poems
Acrostic poems are poems in which the first letter of each line spells out a word.
Watch the following videos to find out a bit more about writing acrostic poems.

Mrs. Edmonds's Class 2014-2015


Mrs. Brown's Class 2014-2015


Mrs. Leary's Class 2014-2015



Acrostic Poem Final Paper

Rhyming Poems

Ernie Types a Poem

What was Ernie trying to do?

Why was he having a hard time?

How did he figure it out?

Ernie's Poem
I like flowers
I like dirt
but most of all
I like Bert!



Notice- Where are the rhyming words?

Where must the rhyming words be in order for your poem to work as a rhyming poem?

Important poetry vocabulary:
Line Break

Mrs. Williams' class Part I

Fourth Graders Take this Survey!


Rhyming with Ken Nesbitt


What would you like to write a poem about? Put the topic at the top of your paper.
Make a list of words that are about your topic.
Write rhyming words beneath the words (they do not have to be about the topic).
Now let's try to write a rhyming poem!  
Be creative and find ways to make your poem work!

I am Me

A Crocodile ate my Lunch

Bio Poems

After finishing your rough draft go back and reread your poem.

Take the time to add specific details to your poem.

Example: Instead of saying "Lover of sports" say "Lover of dribbling basketballs, throwing footballs and kicking soccer balls"

Notice the difference??

Make all changes with a red pen.

Poems to Recite